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Welcome to Insignia Collection!

Insignia Collection is a division of Jewel-Craft, Inc., designed to focus on manufacturing for the jewelry industry. We provide services to jewelry stores, distributors, and wholesalers with personalized and custom branded designs of both fine jewelry and logo-based recognition awards. Our facility is a full-service shop with the personnel and equipment to take you from start to finish with your custom products. All precious metal jewelry is manufactured at our plant in the United States.

Jewel-Craft OfficesShop Floor

Service Highlights

* Logo and product development

* Designer product lines

* Private label manufacturing

* Design and art

* Models and molds

* Turn key manufacturing

* Private labeling and trademarking

* No minimum order quantities on precious metals

* Product design and development

* CAD/CAM for molds and prototypes

* Casting and die striking

* Finishing

* Setting

* Supply Stones

* Packaging

Our Custom Design Program

Step 1: We discuss what size logo you would like. If possible, we also get a copy of the logo and create a draft quote for you.

Step 2: We discuss the application of use for the logo. Do you want lapel pins and pendants, or rings, etc.?

Step 3: We determine if you have vector or clean, print-ready artwork that can be provided or if we need to create a logo or design for you.

Step 4: If you do not have art, we can create art with a fee based on an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information. If you have print-ready art, we do not charge to create basic jewelry designs. If several renderings of different designs are requested, we will estimate art and time to generate color renderings.

 Most logo designs can be produced with simple black and white line art.

Step 5: We send you the scaled artwork and a final quote for approval.

Step 6: After the design and quote is approved, we manufacture the molds and produce the jewelry items.

Please note: Custom design pieces are non-returnable unless they have factory defects. Once a customer signs off on a design, it belongs to them. Any tooling or mold changes after approval will be invoiced.


If you choose, we can create prototypes of your design. Most designs can be produced without doing a prototype, and are best suited for very expensive and difficult designs, or when we are creating only one part for the customer. Prototypes may be milled into wax or plastic, or grown in wax. The equipment to make a prototype is very expensive and requires highly skilled personnel to run them. Design and Prototypes are billed at the rate of $80/hour.